Frequently Asked Questions

     Frequently Asked Questions:


     1. Do you offer a guarantee on any factory fault that affects the quality of the product?

     Yes , you send the broken shoe or boot back and you will receive a new pair.Postage bothways will be paid by Heels2heaven.

     2. What sizes do your shoes and boots come in?

     The shoes & Boots are displayed on the website are SA size which is the same as UK size.As these items are imported from the USA.

     The sizes on the box shows US size , UK size and EU size. Example US7 is a UK 4 and a EU37 , US8 is a UK5       and a EU38.

     Sizes on the coversion chart act as a guide only and are not always accurate.

     3.How do i choose the right size for boots?

     For Stiletto boots please email us the model and your size for advice on size to order , Demonia boots should       be ordered in the same size as your shoes because  they are wider.

     4. If the size is wrong, can i exchange my purchase?

     In most cases yes , please enquire before ordering if that model can be exchanged.A restocking levy of +-           15% maybe charged.

     No refunds will be possible if the size does not fit , either the correct item or another item will be supplied           instead.

     5. How does an exchange work?

     The purchaser sends the wrong pair of shoes or boots back to Heels2heaven and once the pair has been received the new pair will be despatched.

     6. Who pays for the exchange?

     The purchaser pays both ways .Heels2heaven will only use a 3-5 day service.The purchaser will pay for an overnight service if required.For Warranty claims, Heels2heaven will not charge.

     7. How do i know when i will receive my order?

     When you select the item you wish to purchase , you will see an updated delivery date.

     8. Is there a charge for delivery?

     There are no extra delivery charges unless you request an overnight door to door service.

     We use Pargo as our delivery partner, delivering your order to the closest collection point.

     Your order will be packaged in plain packaging.

     9. Do you have a shop?

     Yes , Heels2heaven has moved to a new showroom in Cape Town.

     Unit 5 Roeland Square , Drury lane , Gardens,   Cape Town.

     Show room is being renovated which will be completed in Sept 2021. We are open during renovation Mon-Fri             10am-4pm

     10. I live in Cape Town and would like to know if you have samples to try on?

     We carry quite a few items in stock.Please check category "whats in stock in Cape Town"

     11. How is payment done?

     Once you have completed the order , payment can be done by EFT,direct deposit or you can choose to pay by credit card

     using the Payfast Payment Gateway.